25 July 2017

Loose & Chalky Summertime, too...

Another new one:

23 July 2017

A Loose & Chalky Summertime

Some brand new pastel artwork from today. Sitting outside in the 110° heat, alongside the hummingbirds, ocotillos, and palms.

20 July 2017

Interpreter Of Dreams

It was 1956 when he drove west. "I wanted to have something. He asked me to build a tepee. I knew exactly where the tepee should go."
A premier sex symbol of the day, he was a man of vast erudition. "I bill myself as an interpreter of dreams... Serendipity has played its part."
As he sat under a tree he heard, "I am on holiday. Je suis en vacances."

*These are a few of the nine recently-unearthed Challis & Roos original paper collage works (under glass) created almost 21 years ago...

09 July 2017

Mandalas In The Sky

Improvisational sketchbook drawing done aboard a very recent British Airways flight. (en route from LHR to DFW)

26 May 2017

A Quartet Of Musicians

Ramsey Lewis
Miles Davis
Alice Coltrane
Kamasi Washington

Brand new artwork! These four pieces are studies for a new series of paintings-- acrylic on canvas...

06 May 2017

And All Of A Sudden, The Conversation Turned Into A Dance

Some brand new artwork from this week...

09 February 2017

She Persisted!

Typically, whenever I've illustrated quotes, they've consisted of words by people I admire. People like Thich Nhat Hanh, Maya Angelou, Lou Reed... Who in the world would have guessed that I'd spend this morning working on artwork that had been "inspired" by (or more likely, just a reaction to) the poetic musings of Mitch McConnell, of all people. These are weird times indeed.  #shepersisted #elizabethwarren

06 January 2017

It's Here...!

David's novel is now available on Amazon! Please check it out here