20 November 2018

Gifts Of The Season

This cool T-shirt, plus literally hundreds of other Challis & Roos items are available at our online shop!

12 October 2018

A Coloring Book Emerges From The High Desert

Just a few of the many, many sketchbook pages from an early autumn week in Joshua Tree...

03 September 2018

The Colorful Coachella Valley (A Fun Illustrated Map!)

Some new artwork currently available at our online Challis And Roos shop:

(this is a detailed section of the overall design)
(tote bag available here)
(pillow available here)

This cool, highly-detailed artwork is available on a full range of formats. Art prints--Zippered Bags--T-Shirts--Posters

We had a lot of fun putting together this design! There's so much to do and see out here in our beautiful desert...

Check out the full range of products here

16 August 2018

New Age Superstar

Have you read David's newest novel? It's available here (Spoiler alert: it's a pretty fun read!)

08 August 2018

Urban Scenes

Brand new artwork from our "Urban Scenes" series -- the California portfolio.
These images (and many more) are available at our online shop.

19 March 2018

New Challis & Roos Store!

Be sure to check out the official Challis & Roos online store. You can find all kinds of exclusive Challis & Roos items, T-shirts, prints, tote bags, and this cool scarf! All the magic is waiting for you right here

16 February 2018

Year of the Dog!

Celebrating Year of the Dog with some of Skipjack's pals from the dog park...

21 January 2018

Writing and Communicating

letter by letter
word by word
so much to be said
so much to be heard