31 January 2008

Jolly Roger

Around the other side of every island, there's a new sea to explore. Ahoy, buccaneers-- set sail!

28 January 2008

Time Of The Season

It's January, which means just one thing... It's Holiday Design Season! Lots of new ideas to unveil in the future. In the meantime, here's a popular design from last year's collection.

24 January 2008

It's Surprising

It's surprising how often Liz Phair's song "Canary" will randomly shuffle-play on an ipod loaded with 12.000 songs. As she sings "I make up a colorful border" you think, yes, in fact I'm doing that right now. This design came up this afternoon. As did "Canary."

21 January 2008

Aye Aye

A little taste of the tropics on a clear winter's day.

19 January 2008

In The Studio

From the west wall of our studio, this painting watches over us as we draw, plan, and create. Favorite sketchbook drawings translated onto canvas-- on a background of house paint test color swatches.

15 January 2008

Don't You Just Love...

...taking a favorite book from your childhood (or someone else's childhood), and "updating" the pages with brand new characters? It's fun to see who pops in.

12 January 2008

Rhino & Co(ver)

We really enjoyed creating the cover for Running Rhino's new catalog. It's our favorite one ever!
More info here

10 January 2008

Allez Cuisine!

We created Chef Florent as part of our 12-member Chefs Of The World collection. We're sure he would agree-- if you want to whip up a perfect pasta dough, just follow these simple steps:

In a large bowl, mix together 2 cups flour and 1 tsp ea. salt, saffron, dry basil
Add 3 eggs, 2 T cold water, 2 T olive oil
Knead well, wrap in waxed paper, refrigerate for about an hour before rolling out

Bon Appetit!

08 January 2008

Foiled Around And Fell In Love

Just got these samples of cards we designed for Sunrise Greetings. Nothing beats a liberal use of foil to say "Happy Valentine's Day!"

06 January 2008

The Owls Are (Sometimes) What They Seem

These two friendly owls flew into our studio today. Looks like they may be planning to stay a while.

04 January 2008

To Make Their Spirits Fly

"We will never again have the chance to be born into a body like this one." (Kalu Rinpoche)

This image is from our new (and very cool) Arlanda collection. The quote is from the very cool book Offerings.

02 January 2008

From Sketchbook To Store

In July, these drawings appeared in a sketchbook on the tiny Swedish island of Fårö. In the Fall, they were produced in China, and are now sold in Fine Stores Everywhere. More info here.