29 April 2008

This. Life. Now.

Some brand new artwork from this afternoon. Enjoy! (Now.)

27 April 2008

Every Leaf On Every Tree

Nothing exists until or unless it is observed.
--William S. Burroughs

21 April 2008

Sometimes We Like

...to transform ordinary printed books into sketchbooks. When taking a book from the shelf, we sometimes forget that we've already transformed it. Surprise!

16 April 2008

Holiday Cheer

We designed some holiday cards for Running Rhino. Just received samples of the Arlanda-style designs they chose for this year's collection.

12 April 2008

You Never Know

...when you'll find yourself sitting in a sports arena listening to the Dalai Lama, Dave Matthews and Death Cab For Cutie. Interesting evening!

09 April 2008

Father's Day Is On Its Way

Just received samples of the cards we designed for Sunrise Greetings' Elliott Bay line of Father's Day cards. Fathers everywhere, from Cape Cod to Venice Beach, will appreciate the zippy full-color interiors and subtle foil details.

05 April 2008

See What's In The Sea...

Our latest shower curtain and bath set is now available at Sears. Check it out.

02 April 2008


Spring has finally come to Seattle! We're celebrating its arrival by creating a big stack of new flower-themed artwork...