23 June 2008

Paradise Palms

We're happy to be working with the folks at Bradford to introduce some nifty new check designs. "Check" out our first set right here

21 June 2008


Some brand new artwork to celebrate the summer solstice...

14 June 2008

It's All Right There

Every leaf on every tree. Every brick in every wall. Every piece of every puzzle. It's all there. (Always there.) It's all right there.

07 June 2008

But, On The Other Hand...

Where does the little bird go when he jumps from his branch? Does he fly with eyes wide open, ready to seek out fresh discoveries? Does he revisit familiar nests from some long-forgotten springtime? Or is he content to pay his fare, hop the D train, and rest his eyes until he and his weary flock reach Coney Island? They say Coney Island is lovely this time of year. But even walking along this familiar boardwalk, one can't help but hear the beckoning waves of Bora Bora.