27 July 2012

To See The Skies

Painting To See The Skies

Drill two holes into a canvas.
Hang it where you can see the sky.

(Change the place of hanging.
Try both the front and the rear
windows, to see if the skies are

1961 summer
yoko ono

14 July 2012

Delicious Imagining

"Today I watched the beginnings of storm -- the first trickle of rain on the glass, the little graceful surrender of the trees to the wind.  The thought flashed across my mind.  I'll love it when I get to be a tree.  Out of my senses?  Delicious imagining.  The romance of imagining making us see possibilities in the impossible.  I shut the door quickly to crowd back the shadows."  (from the writings of Irene V. Currey)

13 July 2012

"Just Trying To Get To The Other Side Of Town"

Jimi Hendrix.  Crosstown Traffic.  Living Colour's cover version supplies a nice soundtrack on a busy summer afternoon.  (By the way, one of the houses in this design is based on Ian's childhood house, and one is based on David's.)

02 July 2012

Red White Blue

Giddy little fireflies,
Bursting with excitement
Zooming about the energized playground of the night sky