24 March 2011

Shuffle Play @ 30, 000 ft.

You are the music while the music lasts. --T. S. Eliot

07 March 2011

Rhinos On The Run

Have you checked out Running Rhino's 2011 everyday catalog? It's available here.

05 March 2011

The Now.

This present moment is filled with action and color. Packed with promise, and brimming with infinite interest. Though brilliantly bright, and cranked up to 10, the present moment sits in contemplative silence-- a narrow band tucked cleverly between what was, and what will be. The major plot lines have been penciled in, but (without a doubt) there are twists-a-plenty planned for next season. And we'll be in the front row with popcorn. The possibilities, and the probabilities, are endless. Stay tuned.

01 March 2011

Every Seventh Wave

Details from a tropically-tinged still life on a deliciously rainy pre-springtime afternoon.

If every seventh wave delivers just a little extra sea-treasure upon the beach, does every seventh raindrop bring the butterflies of springtime just a little nearer?