10 July 2016

Fistful Of Stars (Music Video)

A mysterious, unpeopled factory in New England manufactures curious white cubes. Each side of each cube is robotically painted with a different color of the cosmos. The cubes are packed and shipped en masse to....(?) En route, there is some kind of trouble with the emergency exit, and all boxes tumble to the sea. Underwater, the cubes rearrange themselves into one Massive Cube, which spins and levitates out of the water and into the stratosphere, twirling through the stars, and eventually linking with the one remaining slot in a centuries-in-the-making Mega-Cube, which, in turn, spins and spins into a glowing ball of energy, or....?

That's the basic plot of this new music video, animated entirely with Challis & Roos artwork.

Watch the entire video here