27 December 2012

A Winter Night

Frosty winter tree branches.  Starry winter skies.  A chilly owl calls from behind a distant hilltop.  In the stillness there is a moment for this.

19 November 2012

Nine Of Many, Many, Many

Just some of the very magical places right here on Planet 3

06 November 2012

The Colors Of Autumn

Wait for leaves to fall
Look up through the space between bare branches
So many newly visible stars

31 October 2012

Haunted Suburbs

T r i c k   or   T r e a t   !

10 October 2012

Northern Coastal Town

When you find yourself temporarily residing in a chilly, misty, windswept village perched on the hillside above a vibrant harborfront, you can expect to find tons of activity, superb autumnal colors, oddly clear stars, and tons of inspiration.  The air is enticing, comforting, and familiar, but it's impossible to ignore that ever-present internal prodding to return to the freshness of the ever-magical desert.  Tickets are booked.

30 September 2012

On The Dock, There's A Highway

So, let me get this straight-- you're telling me there's this highway, right?  And it's on a dock?  ok.  Am I the only radio listener who spent decades thinking this was the opening line to Hotel California?  It never really made much sense, unless maybe they were singing about a pretty short highway, or perhaps a rather lengthy dock?  Anyway, we've been working up some artwork based on #1 pop hits of the 70s.  1977, to be exact.   Fun project, but it will be quite a while before the theme from Rocky leaves my head...

25 September 2012

Flight Time

Did you know that there are over 200 species of owls?  It's true!  Ranging from the tiniest (the Elf Owl) to the largest (the Eurasian Eagle Owl) owls can be found in a dizzying assortment of sizes, shapes and colors.  The brand new coordinating trio above seems to be in a class all their own.  With a combination of style, color, and playfulness not typically seen in nature, these quizzically confident little guys are ready for flight.

08 September 2012

Ahoy, Pirate Monkeys!

Our playful little Pirate Monkeys have set out on another adventure.  Rubber swords in hand (paw?) and ready to peacefully search the seven seas for another cache of hidden treasure.  For this crew, it's all about the thrill of the chase and the joy of embarking on another voyage with true friends.  

Check out the animated invitation at Smilebox here

18 August 2012

Blue Mountain, White Cloud

"The blue mountain is the father of the white cloud.  The white cloud is the son of the blue mountain.  All day long they depend on each other, without being dependent on each other.  The white cloud is always the white cloud.  The blue mountain is always the blue mountain...  This is how we live."  Tozan, as told by Shunryu Suzuki

14 August 2012

Exotic Peacocks!

Full of rich color and over-the-top tail plumage!  Our new collection of peacock-themed designs is now available on checks, checkbook cover, and coordinating personalized labels.  Check it out here

27 July 2012

To See The Skies

Painting To See The Skies

Drill two holes into a canvas.
Hang it where you can see the sky.

(Change the place of hanging.
Try both the front and the rear
windows, to see if the skies are

1961 summer
yoko ono

14 July 2012

Delicious Imagining

"Today I watched the beginnings of storm -- the first trickle of rain on the glass, the little graceful surrender of the trees to the wind.  The thought flashed across my mind.  I'll love it when I get to be a tree.  Out of my senses?  Delicious imagining.  The romance of imagining making us see possibilities in the impossible.  I shut the door quickly to crowd back the shadows."  (from the writings of Irene V. Currey)

13 July 2012

"Just Trying To Get To The Other Side Of Town"

Jimi Hendrix.  Crosstown Traffic.  Living Colour's cover version supplies a nice soundtrack on a busy summer afternoon.  (By the way, one of the houses in this design is based on Ian's childhood house, and one is based on David's.)

02 July 2012

Red White Blue

Giddy little fireflies,
Bursting with excitement
Zooming about the energized playground of the night sky

28 June 2012

Unparalleled Possibility

Unparalleled possibility, hidden inside every seed.
Tear open the packet and pour the contents into a light summer wind.
Tiny, parallel universes begin once again.

28 May 2012

New Video!

Check out the video for the song "Value Added Texture" by Typographic Sailors.  We had so much fun putting together these illustrations...   These are some images from a couple of the scenes-- but be sure to check out the entire video here

09 May 2012

Space Needle View from Every Room!

Just picture a penthouse way up in the sky, with hinges on chimneys for stars to go by 
--Marianne Faithfull

Just rediscovered this 12" x 60" pen and watercolor drawing of a tiny, memory-filled 1 bedroom apartment on Seattle's Capitol Hill.  Ian and I lived here during our college years, and for several years after as we started our little greeting card biz.  The two of us would sit on the floor with drawing boards on our laps, listening to Marianne Faithfull, Grace Jones and Nina Simone as we made handmade cards one at a time for Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and lots of great little independent bookshops from coast to coast.

Such a magical space.   

Still have the elephant marionette.  And the Cheer box, which is filled with many of the original cards and stacks of artwork. 

27 April 2012

And Then There's Maude (Owls!)

Our "Maude Owls" are now available at kmart.  Shower Curtain and FULL line of batch accessories.  Check it out here

16 April 2012


Our "American Farm" collection is now available on checks! Many thanks to the Goods (Tom & Barbara of Surbiton) and the Douglases (Oliver & Lisa of Hooterville) for all the inspiration during our childhood years! Check it out here.

01 April 2012

Passover Greetings

Our brand new Passover design (and colorful coordinating elements) are now available as an animated greeting at Smilebox. Check out the sample here.

08 March 2012

New Fabric!

Available at Joann... Check it out here!

28 February 2012

New Rugs!

We love Jellybean Rugs! And we're thrilled that their brand new line offers so many Challis & Roos designs! Fun Stuff. Check them out here

24 February 2012


Oh, by the way, forgot to mention that the image below is available on skins for all your various devices. What an auspicious way to start the new year! Check it out here

21 February 2012

Tashi Delek!

Today marks the first day of the Losar (in Tibetan, "lo"= year, "sar"= new) holiday, observed in Tibet, Bhutan, and throughout the Himalayas. Wishing everyone a happy and colorful celebration. 2012 (or 2139, according to the Tibetan calendar) is a Male Water Dragon year. Enjoy!

14 February 2012

Be Mine

Happy Valentine's Day! Check out our "Honeybee" skin here...

07 February 2012

Blooming Gardens!

Here's what they say about our new set of garden-themed checks:

"Surround yourself with the beauty of springtime flowers and butterflies with these "Challis & Roos Blooming Gardens" personal check designs from Bradford Exchange Checks®! Four Challis & Roos check designs capture the beauty of a garden with vibrant colors, lovely lady bugs and beautiful butterflies. Featuring muted background colors of green, orange, yellow and blue, these floral checks are sure to brighten each day!

Plus, you'll find these Challis & Roos personal check designs are just as practical as they are beautiful. Brought to you exclusively by Bradford Exchange Checks, they're expertly re-created with premium-quality check printing. Don't miss this terrific chance to let your love for springtime colors bloom - get your "Challis & Roos Blooming Gardens" checks as soon as possible! Order now!"

(available here)

01 February 2012

Maude Hearts

Newly available at Skinit-- several of our new heart designs. Just in time for Valentine's Day and beyond.

14 January 2012


There are always flowers for those who want to see them --Henri Matisse

11 January 2012

Running Rhino 2012

Running Rhino offers lots of our new designs! Check it out here.

03 January 2012

Whimsical Winter Gratitude

New, and now available at Smilebox... Our animated winter thanks! See a preview here.