25 November 2014

Right Hand Side of the Water, Left Hand Side of the Road

And up on Abbey Road, zebra-crossing tourists in groups of four...

27 October 2014

Pretty Poison

Brand new design.  A little Halloween fun...

01 October 2014

17 September 2014

Early Collaboration

The author had at this point lost track of the comings and goings of “the character” and decided to name him so as to better remember the identity of this thought on the wind.

“Call him “Thought On The Wind,”” someone shouted to the Man With The Pen.

“No, it’s too long.  Can you see me writing “Thought On The Wind” every time I want to refer to him?  Besides, where is the cachet?”

“Call him T. O. T. W.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, how would anyone know how to pronounce it?  Tot-Wuh?  No, no… it won’t do.”

Well, maybe Totwind?”

“Tot Wind.  Yes, I believe that’ll do it.  Very good.  You may go back to your lair.”

“Yes, sire, only too glad to be of porpoise.  Uh, um, I mean service.”

And so, blowing unafraid (for after all Tot Wind was a thought, and how can you hurt a thought?) through the primeval smog, Tot Wind easily avoided the grasping Lamosaurus.

(from a very early Challis & Roos collaborative art piece)

13 September 2014


Turning On The Television

The mind is a television
with thousands of channels.
I choose a world that is tranquil and calm
so that my joy will always be fresh

Thich Nhat Hanh

03 August 2014


Looking down from a circling nautical flight, a seagull sees only 1/7 of the iceberg.  A seahorse's casual glance might reveal 6/7.  The iceberg sees neither seagull nor seahorse, calmly hovering part-way between surf and sky, singing his knowing song:

Float on, float on
Facets shining in the sun
Until at last, when day is done
And the good sun has had its say
I find, just as it has always been
The sea and me are one

09 July 2014

Chakra Energy


07 July 2014

Organic Little Village

An organic little village, at different hours of the day.  The combination of sun, soil, climate, and environment provide a distinctive character to every minute.  Slightly different neighborhoods.  But, all connected.  All centered, all focused on doin' the village thing.  Just really, really nice.  The angle of the sun brings out certain particular details.  The angle of the wineglass reveals additional highlights.  Is it just me, or is this one super-awesome place?  Cheers!

04 July 2014

So Grand

It's a grand day...  Happy 4th!

07 June 2014


28 May 2014

The Moments...

20 May 2014

Magical Joshua Trees

Having spent all of last weekend at the amazingly incredible Joshua Tree Music Festival, we were reminded how much we truly love Joshua Trees.  After camping for 5 days and 4 nights during the festival, we were ALSO reminded how much we truly love taking showers!  After returning home (and cleaning up) we were inspired to create some brand new Joshua Tree artwork.  Enjoy!

30 April 2014

New Skins!

6 New Challis & Roos Skins are available!  Here

22 April 2014

Earth Day Every Day

15 March 2014

Neverending Beginnings

With each step
we begin a lifetime

With every breath
we are born again

14 March 2014

So Green

08 March 2014

Silly Question

Would I like a treat?  Why, yes, I believe I would...

15 January 2014

Stylish + Mod + Luxe = Yes Please!

A subtle little splash of colorful whimsy for the walls!

02 January 2014

Always Peace, Always Love

May we be happy
May we be inspirational
May we be fearless
May we be generous
(Ageless wishes for a new year.)