20 April 2009

Animals Love The Holidays

We've designed a series of 12 happy (holiday-themed) animal designs. (Peaceful penguins, celebrating squirrels, rejoicing roosters...) Here are some of those designs -- a portion of Running Rhino's brand new 2009 holiday line. If you're at the Stationery Show in New York next month, be sure to check 'em out...

14 April 2009

We Love Letterpress

Here's one of the designs we've done for Sunrise's new line of Premium cards. We love the thickness of the paper stock. And the toothy texture. The super-deep embossing really gives the feel of real letterpress. And, oh, did we mention one of our designs from this series has been nominated for a Louie award??

08 April 2009

Also Came Across...

...this drawing of some much-loved steps in the heart of Seattle's Pike Place Market. This drawing was done during the time that we were both lucky enough to be taking classes (drawing, painting, and design) from this guy. (And, hey, come to think of it... this drawing was also included in a coloring book!)

01 April 2009

Happy Graduation, Mom

Just got a big box of samples from the folks at Sunrise Greetings. Some nice cards we designed for Graduation and Mother's Day. Especially like how this Mother's Day design turned out. There's a very, very subtle clear foil on the white flowers. It provides a surprising contrast to the quiet chalky background colors. This new collection should be hitting the shelves soon.