30 August 2010

100% Cotton, 100% Cool

Our new tone-on-tone Birds On Branches fabric has taken flight! And, thanks to Joann, it's available here.

14 August 2010

August Is A Bridge, A Welcome Sign, An Open Door

Even as summer sizzles its triple-digit sigh, there is an eager awareness. The distant tinge of autumn's reawakening spirit. Faint, yet noticeable. We fill another glass with ice cubes, sit back, close our eyes and imagine the brilliant colors to come.

05 August 2010

Little Yellow Spot On The Sun Today

Recently came across this Picasso quote: Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun. Here's some new artwork from this morning. A brand new positive space/negative space repeat pattern. There's no spot that is yellow, however I do spy a yellowish-green-blue sun shining through.