28 May 2009

Dino Flannel

Just got samples of this new fabric we did for Fabric Traditions. It's flannel!

As we worked on this design, I was remembering a visit to the Henry Doorly zoo when I was about five years old. For some strange reason there was a dinosaur theme going on (at the zoo?? Hmm....) Anyway, they had one of those cool machines where you could make your own customized, injection-molded plastic toys. You slide in your money and then choose the shape you want. My brother chose the Triceratops, I chose the Stegosaurus. Then you choose your color. My brother chose grey, I chose that not-found-in-nature, not quite red, not quite fuchsia, cherry Icee color. Which is actually more of a raspberry color than a true cherry color. The injection process left a hole in the base, and so you were supposed to carry the toy upside-down for half an hour--until it dried completely. But of course a five-year-old who wants to play with his Stegosaurus right now and a 90 degree Omaha day was just the right combination to leave a trail of raspberry dots from the monkeys to the lions to the camels...

14 May 2009

From The Sky

In the Tang Valley of Bhutan, way up near the Tibetan border, there's a magical little village called Namkha that we were lucky enough to visit one sunny autumn day. Our hike began early that morning in Bumthang Valley's misty village of Nang Lhakhang. Walking through fields of colorful prayer flags, moss-draped cedar trees, and frozen waterfalls, we sang loudly to announce our presence to the curious Himalayan black bears rumored to be sharing the trail that day. By the time we crossed over Pepe-la pass, we had just about run through our repertoire of songs we know by heart. (songs popularized by Blossom Dearie, Dorothy Shay, and Brigitte Fontaine led the pack!) When we got to Namkha, the caretaker of the village temple interupted work in her field of mustard to allow us access. Inside the temple, we were surprised to find a very non-Bhutanese-looking Buddha--with Thai characteristics. It was delightful to learn that the word "Namkha" means "it fell from the sky." Cool! How else would an ornate Thai Buddha find its way to central Bhutan 50 years ago?

12 May 2009

A Flocking Of Happy Birds

This is a brand new addition to our Sunrise Elliott Bay line. Sunrise has been able to add some really interesting processes lately-- all the white areas on this design are flocked! Very dimensional and tactile.

04 May 2009

Tattoo For Joann

Received samples (many yards!) of this fabric we designed for Fabric Traditions. We love this design-- the printing looks as good on fabric as it did on catalog covers! This fabric should be available at Joann stores pretty soon...