28 July 2008


13 July 2008

Why Is It?

I've never played my accordion in Mendocino. Nor have I ever heard anyone play an accordion in Mendocino. So why is it that I can never play my accordion, or hear the sound of an accordion being played without immediately thinking of Mendocino? Specifically this magical little tree, growing on a cliff in the windy Mendocino headlands.

04 July 2008

Slightly Distracted Meditation Boy

This is a sketch for a new 40" x 48" painting which hasn't been painted yet. (But chances are very likely that by Monday that will no longer be the case!)

01 July 2008

Hail To The Mid-Century Chiefs

Here are 4 of the 42 pieces from a recently re-discovered batch of illustrations we did during the previous presidential campaign season. Do you recognize these guys? (Hint: their initials are FDR, HST, DDE, and JFK.)