17 September 2014

Early Collaboration

The author had at this point lost track of the comings and goings of “the character” and decided to name him so as to better remember the identity of this thought on the wind.

“Call him “Thought On The Wind,”” someone shouted to the Man With The Pen.

“No, it’s too long.  Can you see me writing “Thought On The Wind” every time I want to refer to him?  Besides, where is the cachet?”

“Call him T. O. T. W.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, how would anyone know how to pronounce it?  Tot-Wuh?  No, no… it won’t do.”

Well, maybe Totwind?”

“Tot Wind.  Yes, I believe that’ll do it.  Very good.  You may go back to your lair.”

“Yes, sire, only too glad to be of porpoise.  Uh, um, I mean service.”

And so, blowing unafraid (for after all Tot Wind was a thought, and how can you hurt a thought?) through the primeval smog, Tot Wind easily avoided the grasping Lamosaurus.

(from a very early Challis & Roos collaborative art piece)

13 September 2014


Turning On The Television

The mind is a television
with thousands of channels.
I choose a world that is tranquil and calm
so that my joy will always be fresh

Thich Nhat Hanh