27 February 2009

More Bookmarks

We like these new bookmarks! Here are a few more...

23 February 2009

Cool, Tasseled, Magnetic

Just got a big box of samples! Bookmarks we designed for our friends at Magnetic Bookmark. We really like how they turned out. The print quality is great-- so is the finishing. They have a nice "feel" to them. 48 designs in the initial release-- Tasseled Bookmarks, Die-cut Bookmarks, and cute little fold-over bookmarks with interior magnets. Fun!

17 February 2009

Le Hibou d' Hiver

It's midnight and all is still. Even the owls begin to close their saucer eyes. The snow gently falls, hiding the acorns that the squirrels will find in the springtime.

06 February 2009

Just A Thought

Doesn't it seem like Valentine's Month would be more fun than just Valentine's Day?