19 September 2016


And all at once, a choir of cloudwaves lifted our little island up, up, up into the sky. The vibrating sun served as our beacon as we sailed onward to our new home. "The air is clearer up here," agreed all the trees and flowers. And the weight of the world began to feel like such a long, long time ago.

15 September 2016

Standing On The Corner (Stockton & Pacific)

Some new artwork from this week. Kind of a new, experimental style.
Currently, these illustrations exist digitally, but will eventually be transformed into large-scale, life-sized canvases.

03 September 2016

Secrets Of The Universe

Some brand new artwork from this morning.

...And may we whisper the secrets of the universe into each other's unsuspecting ears...

01 September 2016

Suburban Desert

There are new houses going up, the framing's almost done
And every one of them, bigger than the last one
The miles don't seem to stretch quite as far as they used to

I don't smoke cigarettes, but sometimes I forget
And my fingers start lighting little fires
But it's unstable, when there's a breeze
The spark goes out, along with all of these

desert dreams

(lyrics from the song "Little Fires" by David)