21 December 2010

Warm Wishes...

Happy Holidays -- and here's to a great new year!

16 December 2010

Colorful Layovers

For those super-long layovers in the Delhi airport, it's always a good idea to make sure the sketchbook's in the carry-on!

07 November 2010

Peace Out, Man...

Our brand new "Peace Out" Shower Curtain (along with FULL line of groovy accessories) is now available at Target. Check it out here, man!

04 November 2010

Owl-ways More Owl Updates...

Hey, remember our Hamilton owl figurine? (The one we mentioned here?) Well, it's now available for easy online ordering here!

01 November 2010

Owls? Awesome!

Yay! Our "Awesome Owls" shower curtain is now available at Target. Along with the whole range of totally awesomely detailed and sculpted accessories. Check it out here

05 October 2010

Wild, Wild Tamarinds

Our series of Wild Tamarind designs was inspired by the playful energy of the beautiful Tamarind trees that grow (wild and uncultivated) in the somewhat hidden semi-tropical valleys of Bhutan. This popular look has appeared on notecards, journals, shower curtains and bath accessories. And now; fabric! Check it out:

Wild Tamarind Flowers On Gold Cotton available here

Wild Tamarind Wavy Stripe On Cotton available here

Wild Tamarind Flower Stripe On Cotton available here

26 September 2010

Tear Off Shrink Wrap, Uncap Pen...

There's just something SOOO fun about tearing into a new sketchbook!

22 September 2010

The Flowers Of Madagascar

An array of cherished vintage marbles hidden at the bottom of an indigo/turquoise sea? A lush green field midway up a misty mountain, viewed through a blue colander? Either way, our brand new Madagascar Small Floral fabric is available here. Nice!

07 September 2010

Plan Ahead, Really

Our brand new "Room To Really Plan Ahead" calendar is available through Current. And it's available now. Check it out here.

30 August 2010

100% Cotton, 100% Cool

Our new tone-on-tone Birds On Branches fabric has taken flight! And, thanks to Joann, it's available here.

14 August 2010

August Is A Bridge, A Welcome Sign, An Open Door

Even as summer sizzles its triple-digit sigh, there is an eager awareness. The distant tinge of autumn's reawakening spirit. Faint, yet noticeable. We fill another glass with ice cubes, sit back, close our eyes and imagine the brilliant colors to come.

05 August 2010

Little Yellow Spot On The Sun Today

Recently came across this Picasso quote: Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun. Here's some new artwork from this morning. A brand new positive space/negative space repeat pattern. There's no spot that is yellow, however I do spy a yellowish-green-blue sun shining through.

19 July 2010

Handmade, Dimensional, Archival

Been spending a few minutes here and there working on a little organizational project. Pretty fun to rediscover some of these original handmade cards from the Running Rhino archive. This collage card would certainly have been made while sitting on the floor of our little apartment on East Loretta Place. No doubt, both of us would have been wearing Guatemalan pants and rocking out to Geggy Tah or Diamond Fist Werny.

29 June 2010

Colorful, Geometric

Here are some additional boxed notecards from Running Rhino's newest release. Love this series-- very bright, fun, bold, rhythmic, and friendly. Would love to paper the walls, upholster the furniture, and cover the floor with this look.

19 June 2010

New Notecards? Yes!

Received samples of Running Rhino's new line of notecards. These boxed notes, along with coordinating cards and journals, debuted at last month's Stationery Show in New York. The designs are from our brand new collection of animal repeat patterns. Skipjack seems to like them all, and is hard-pressed to choose a favorite.

15 June 2010

Happy Glittered, Foiled, Coated Bday!

Sunrise has just released a batch of our everyday cards, brimming with extra-special printing processes-- glitter, metallic foil, die cuts, smooth UV spot varnish and coating. Fun!

04 June 2010

Owl In Favor, Say Aye...

By all accounts, initial sales of our Hamilton Owl Figurine have been quite brisk. Yay! Exaggerated, playful eyes give really give these figurines a captivating, soulful look. We especially appreciate the intricacy of all the tiny hand-painted details. Why not place your order today?

24 May 2010

The Little Things

This is a sketch for a new 60" x 42" painting. Tomorrow the actual "painting" portion begins. Always look forward to a full Paint-On-Canvas day. And tomorrow will be especially exciting-- we get to break in our new oilcloth floor covering, which replaces the tattered piece of cardboard we've been using to soak up the stray specks of umber, cobalt and olive green!

22 May 2010

Black, White, Black, White

Recently, we've been spending some quality time with black and white. The ultimate high contrast experience. Timely, as we're about to end our time in a very warm place and return to a very not-so-warm place. Leaving a land of mystery for a home we know well.

Simultaneous contrast is not just a curious optical phenomenon, it is the very heart of painting. (Josef Albers)

26 April 2010


Just a spot of new art from this afternoon as the dog barks at lizards on the front porch and Cold War Kids play on the ipod.

17 April 2010

Christmas In April

More brand new designs from Running Rhino's 2010 holiday collection. "Colorful, energetic symmetry" is the idea behind this series.

15 April 2010

New For Hanukkah

Just got samples of the cards we designed for Running Rhino's 2010 Holiday launch. Including this set of Hanukkah note cards.

09 April 2010

Fun Frog!

Walmart has our "Fun Frog" shower curtain-- and it's available through their site here.

30 March 2010

Graphic & Personal

Our new "Valley View" canvas prints are now available through Colorful Images. These bold and graphic canvases can be personalized with names and initials.

10 March 2010

Flannel Dinosaurs!

You can now get our Dinosaur flannel through Hancock's site. Roar!

21 February 2010

The Blue Sky

You need to only open your eyes to see the blue sky. And touching the blue sky can make you very happy.

02 February 2010

Is It Groundhog Day, Or Rhino Day?

Just got a box of artists' samples from the folks at Running Rhino. The new catalog/new January release. Cool stuff!

14 January 2010

Attractive, Magnetic

Just received a box of samples from our friends at Magnetic Bookmark. Their new January product line contains many new items designed by us -- including a collection based on our "Tattoo" look. For this release, they've produced traditional tassel bookmarks, as well as square and round-shaped bookmarks. The fold-over format features two tiny-yet-highly-functional interior magnets which securely clip onto a book's page. The combination of lively, colorful artwork and genuine, scientifically-recognized magnetic force render these little beauties quite attractive in both the descriptive and literal sense.

02 January 2010

Hoot Hoot, So Cute

It's new. It's cute. (Very cute!) It's Snuggle Flannel. And it's available here

01 January 2010

Happy New Year!