08 December 2016

The Chameleon From Hong Kong (Book Trailer)

David has written a novel, and it will be available on Amazon in early 2017. In the meantime, here's a (very short) video to introduce the book. (All of the images are Challis & Roos artwork!) Check out the video here

23 October 2016

Canyon Shadows

A coyote sings
as the desert clouds
make shadows
on the canyon's shifting floor of sand.
(Some new artwork from this afternoon...!)

19 September 2016


And all at once, a choir of cloudwaves lifted our little island up, up, up into the sky. The vibrating sun served as our beacon as we sailed onward to our new home. "The air is clearer up here," agreed all the trees and flowers. And the weight of the world began to feel like such a long, long time ago.

15 September 2016

Standing On The Corner (Stockton & Pacific)

Some new artwork from this week. Kind of a new, experimental style.
Currently, these illustrations exist digitally, but will eventually be transformed into large-scale, life-sized canvases.

03 September 2016

Secrets Of The Universe

Some brand new artwork from this morning.

...And may we whisper the secrets of the universe into each other's unsuspecting ears...

01 September 2016

Suburban Desert

There are new houses going up, the framing's almost done
And every one of them, bigger than the last one
The miles don't seem to stretch quite as far as they used to

I don't smoke cigarettes, but sometimes I forget
And my fingers start lighting little fires
But it's unstable, when there's a breeze
The spark goes out, along with all of these

desert dreams

(lyrics from the song "Little Fires" by David)

06 August 2016

Reflections On Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

Maureen McCormick is 60. 
No that can't be
Cause that would make me:

As my striped bell bottom trousers

As my super-mod teenage perm

As a mock trial for Bobby
After Kitty Karry-All goes missing

As the sweetly processed voice of
Fringe-vested Johnny Bravo

As the cursed-idol-finding Bobby
On the island of eerie Vincent Price

As the sharply pointed wings of Mom's new bob

As Buddy Hinton's payback for his mocking chant
"Baby talk, baby talk, it's a wonder you can walk"

As the pleats in Alice's blue-grey uniform

As the lines on Sexy-Dad's drafting table

As a soft kiss from dreamy Davy Jones
(I'll never wash my cheek again)

As the speed with which Clark Tyson replaces "George Glass" in Jan's Heart

As a guest starring role played by
Gilligan's Island's Natalie "Lovey" Schafer

As the heist of a rival school's mascot
(A goat named Raquel)

As pork chops & applesauce, shweetheart 
Pork chops & applesauce

(this artwork isn't the Brady house, simply our rendering of a cool place in Seattle built during that era)

10 July 2016

Fistful Of Stars (Music Video)

A mysterious, unpeopled factory in New England manufactures curious white cubes. Each side of each cube is robotically painted with a different color of the cosmos. The cubes are packed and shipped en masse to....(?) En route, there is some kind of trouble with the emergency exit, and all boxes tumble to the sea. Underwater, the cubes rearrange themselves into one Massive Cube, which spins and levitates out of the water and into the stratosphere, twirling through the stars, and eventually linking with the one remaining slot in a centuries-in-the-making Mega-Cube, which, in turn, spins and spins into a glowing ball of energy, or....?

That's the basic plot of this new music video, animated entirely with Challis & Roos artwork.

Watch the entire video here

30 June 2016

If You're Going To San Francisco...

Spotted last weekend at the San Francisco Pride Festival at Civic Center... This festive couple decked out in hand-torn strips of Challis & Roos fabric! One of our "rainbow energetic geometric" designs, manufactured exclusively by Fabric Traditions.
Happy Pride!!!

05 June 2016

Havana Afternoon

Some brand new artwork inspired by a very recent trip to a beautiful little island just south of Florida...    ¡La isla de Cuba es brillante y colorido.. y muy, muy caliente!

13 March 2016

New Challis & Roos Stretched Canvas Wall Art!

15 Challis & Roos designs, available for the first time in this ultra-cool stretched canvas format! There are four size options for each design, ranging from 10x10 all the way up to 18x24. Check out these six designs here here here here here and here

08 February 2016

Year Of The Monkey!

Many wishes for a most memorable monkey year. Playful, monkey-style energy all year long!

31 January 2016

Wishin' & Hopin'

Pavement cracks follow a tree root path
Underneath a parked car, across the street and back
The outline looks a little like a ring of fire that has already burned through half
Pavement cracks follow a tree root path

Sitting in the back seat of an orange cab
Listening for the war to start, listening for the siren of a breaking heart
Quiet, content, and happy with what I had
Sitting in the back seat of an orange cab

Sometimes the block used to lose power, when the train used to roll on by
Until they put the wires underground, built a wall for us all to live our lives behind
I always thought the train was there to remind us about all the things we might like to try
But the block used to lose power, when the train used to roll on by

So now we take a cab, when we want to get away

To a cafe on a beach in Mexico
Where the radio competes with a mariachi band
Familiar song from the 60s, that we always used to hear every time our plane would land
And we'd all start humming along

When the mariachi band headed into the kitchen
We could hear Dusty Springfield singing of her hopin' and her wishin'

(Lyrics from the song "Orange Cab"-- written by David a few years ago, and recently performed at an open mic event in London)

11 January 2016

And The Stars Look Very Different Today

Planet Earth is blue and there's nothing I can do...

03 January 2016