07 December 2013

Ocean Of Possibility

A seemingly infinite number of individual droplets combine to form an ocean of possibility.  So persistent, so clever.  A seemingly never-ending chorus of winds and tides encourage a swirling sea of hope.  So consistent, so carefree.  In their own way, of course.  Their own unique way.

Somewhere, on a windswept bluff near a chilly northern harbor town, a young man squints into the chilly greying sunset.  Reflexively, he turns his hands into a familiar makeshift telescope.  Through one half-closed eye he discovers... something.  A bottle?  Yes, a glass bottle.  Bobbing up and down in the surf. 

Every seventh wave brings the bottle nearer the shore.  Sliding, step by step down a surprisingly tricky, impromptu, cliff-clinging beach path, at last sneakers meet sand.  The bottle rolls in with one final, rapid push. 

Hmmm... there's a piece of paper inside the bottle.  It appears to be a note of some kind.  What does it say? 

For now, the note shall remain unread.  I smile, because I already know.  I, already...  know.  (You know?)

Without a second thought, my untrained throwing arm sends this nautical courier back into the patient current.  Back to sea, back to seek another seeking soul.  Back to try once more.  Once more.  Ever once more. 

I smile again, turn my back to the last rays of daylight as I search the golden cliffs for another path toward home.

08 November 2013

World Of Peace!

The brand new Challis & Roos "World Of Peace" set is now available at Target!  Check it out here.
The whole set is available online, everything from the cool curtain to towels, bath rug, waste basket, and all the various accessories!

29 October 2013

Perfect Day

Oh, it's such a perfect day
I'm glad I spent it with you
Oh, such a perfect day
You just keep me hanging on
You just keep me hanging on
--Lou Reed

03 October 2013

As The Leaves Dance

Just learned a cool word.  Komorebi = the sunlight that filters through the leaves of a tree.

13 September 2013

September Squirrel Duo

06 August 2013

Bright Summer Designs!

Word on the street is that summertime is the best time to accessorize (or re-accessorize) your device.  New Challis & Roos cases and skin designs can be found here!

01 August 2013


The light in me honors the light in you.  The heart of my soul appreciates the spark of creativity that glows deep within you and recognizes that same spark within me.

27 July 2013

Summer SunDaisies

30 June 2013

Liberty, Equality, and Patriotica For All!

Our "Patriotica" Skinit Skins for your Device are available here and here.
Our "Stars & Stripes" Bradford Exchange Check Sets are available here.
Happy 4th of July.  Or, as former Seattleites, I guess we could rephrase that.  "Happy 4th of Jul-Ivar!"  (Keep Clam...)

19 June 2013

Relative Perfection

(A quote from Shunryu Suzuki Roshi)  Nothing we see or hear is perfect, but right there in the imperfection is perfect reality.

08 June 2013


... is an awesome/inspirational time indeed.  And the weeks leading up to the summer solstice are some of the most awesomely inspirational of all.

17 May 2013

The Silly Streets Of NYC

A couple of silly art boys displaying their silliness on the streets of Manhattan...

14 May 2013

Still More...

13 May 2013

More Fun With GIFs

06 May 2013

Fun With GIFs

28 April 2013

Catalina Dreamin'

A few weeks ago we took our first-ever trip to the beautiful island of Catalina.  Just for a weekend.  Just enough time for some great Springtime walks, punctuated with a little karaoke and a lot of zip-lining.  During one early morning coffee-search, we came across this cool boat-like house, right in the middle of downtown Avalon:

As we got closer, Ian noticed something very familiar hanging by the front door:
One of the Seaside-themed "Mini Message Plaques" we designed 10-or-so years ago for Santa Barbara Ceramic Design.  It was so nice to see the colors looking so fresh and new after (presumably) weathering many seasons by the sea.  Wonderful reminder that the products we have so much fun designing can live on for years and years.  And sometimes in the most charmingly-appropriate places!

12 April 2013

Challis & Roos Skins

It's Coachella Season!!!  Enjoying your newly-discovered favorite band at the Mojave Stage.  Celebrity sightings at the Main Stage.  Whether you're chilling at the Sahara Tent, or checking out the schedule at the Gobi Tent, whenever you pull out your phone, you'll want to make sure your device looks as stylish and put together as the rest of you already does.  Why not accessorize with one of our Challis & Roos skins?  Like, maybe this one!  Check out all our available designs here

25 March 2013

Passover Greetings

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20 March 2013

Watercolor Clouds (A Sketchbook Page)

"The Canyon-- it's like, Part of the Desert... All the Stars and Watercolor Clouds in my coffee often Drift like hillside Sand Smoke.  Yes."

07 March 2013

Home At Last

I know this super highway
This bright familiar sun
I guess that I'm the lucky one
-w. c. becker & d. j. fagen

19 February 2013


Some brand new geometric/connective artwork to celebrate these memorable days as we continue to sculpt this piece of clay we call life. 

29 January 2013

iHeart Hearts

These 4 brand new Heart-themed designs (and many additional Challis & Roos designs!) are now available at SkinIt.  Check out all of our SkinIt designs here

20 January 2013

Sunday Morning

A Spring-like Sunday morning at the desert's edge.  A border terrier snoozes on the patio to the sound of busy hummingbirds in the lemon trees.

12 January 2013


Dance, when you're broken open. Dance, if you've torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you're perfectly free.  (Rumi)