28 April 2013

Catalina Dreamin'

A few weeks ago we took our first-ever trip to the beautiful island of Catalina.  Just for a weekend.  Just enough time for some great Springtime walks, punctuated with a little karaoke and a lot of zip-lining.  During one early morning coffee-search, we came across this cool boat-like house, right in the middle of downtown Avalon:

As we got closer, Ian noticed something very familiar hanging by the front door:
One of the Seaside-themed "Mini Message Plaques" we designed 10-or-so years ago for Santa Barbara Ceramic Design.  It was so nice to see the colors looking so fresh and new after (presumably) weathering many seasons by the sea.  Wonderful reminder that the products we have so much fun designing can live on for years and years.  And sometimes in the most charmingly-appropriate places!

12 April 2013

Challis & Roos Skins

It's Coachella Season!!!  Enjoying your newly-discovered favorite band at the Mojave Stage.  Celebrity sightings at the Main Stage.  Whether you're chilling at the Sahara Tent, or checking out the schedule at the Gobi Tent, whenever you pull out your phone, you'll want to make sure your device looks as stylish and put together as the rest of you already does.  Why not accessorize with one of our Challis & Roos skins?  Like, maybe this one!  Check out all our available designs here