23 December 2011

Very Merry


30 November 2011

Holiday Dogs

Personalized stationery! Featuring our Holiday Dogs collection! Available here.

By the way, there is much truth to the rumor that Skipjack Challis-Roos can often be seen wearing a sweater very similar to the green number depicted above-- especially during December's howl-iday festivities! (Woof!)

15 November 2011

Owls-- Wise & Personalized

Our favorite cheerful owls have found their home on a wide range of products-- all of which can be personalized. Check out the collection here. Resting atop their branches these two owls may appear stationary, but they sure make for some great stationery!

14 October 2011

Peace. Now.

Our Peace-themed fabric designs are available now at Hancock!

28 September 2011

Road Trip!

Our new "Road Trip" Slideshow is up! Check it out at Smilebox. This is pretty fun-- there are lots of little graphic elements available so you can really customize your slideshow. Wish "Real Life" was as easily customizable... I'd love to be able to simply click my mouse and change my sensible Subaru Outback into a vintage royal blue station wagon rocking pink hubcaps and kick-ass fins! Vroooom....

12 September 2011

Floral Escapes

Our brand new "Floral Escapes" collection is now available at Bradford. Check out the set of checks, labels and coordinating checkbook cover here!

30 August 2011


We're so happy that our designs are now available as skins! (David's phone is on the left, Ian's on the right.) Skinit has 19 (yes, that's 19!) Challis & Roos designs available in all formats. Perfect for laptops, iphones, and/or your technology of choice. Check out all our designs here.

03 August 2011

Energetic! Geometric!

Our new Energetic Geometric fabric designs are available right now at Joann Fabrics! Check out these bright patterns here, here, and here!

17 July 2011

Leap Frog!

The folks at Bradford Exchange have our brand new "Leap Frog" collection! Available now-- labels, check sets and coordinating checkbook cover. Take a look-- these are super cute!

14 June 2011

Watch For Whales

Which Whales? Why, these whales. Our brand new "Whale Watch" shower curtain and collection of coordinating accessories are available at Target.

Also, over at Running Rhino, you can find some very hip coordinating boxed notecards! Thar she blows, mate!

08 June 2011

Celebrate Today

...with our brand new set of checks and labels! Available from Bradford Exchange right now.

19 May 2011


All the surprising colors of nature. Earth tones--unexpectedly bright, joyously vibrant. The many-layered elements that surround us. Each so unique. So captivating. There is inspiration in every living thing. Every leaf, every bud and blossom. Look closely and see the yet-to-be-discovered universe in every seed.

16 May 2011

Con "grad" ulations!

Brand new design, and it's available through Sunrise-- our new card for all the graduates of 2011. (Like, for example-- Kevin!)

27 April 2011

Casual, Stylish

Check out the new notebooks we did for Running Rhino. We're really digging these little items. They're palm size, pocket size, just the right size. The cover art is colorful and peppy, and the foil accents are really intricate and deluxe. Nice.

16 April 2011

Acrophonic Owls

Looks like the early birds have scored all the worms. Again. But these eager owls are first in line for whatever comes next. I have a hunch Foxtrot will soon be joining the queue.

24 March 2011

Shuffle Play @ 30, 000 ft.

You are the music while the music lasts. --T. S. Eliot

07 March 2011

Rhinos On The Run

Have you checked out Running Rhino's 2011 everyday catalog? It's available here.

05 March 2011

The Now.

This present moment is filled with action and color. Packed with promise, and brimming with infinite interest. Though brilliantly bright, and cranked up to 10, the present moment sits in contemplative silence-- a narrow band tucked cleverly between what was, and what will be. The major plot lines have been penciled in, but (without a doubt) there are twists-a-plenty planned for next season. And we'll be in the front row with popcorn. The possibilities, and the probabilities, are endless. Stay tuned.

01 March 2011

Every Seventh Wave

Details from a tropically-tinged still life on a deliciously rainy pre-springtime afternoon.

If every seventh wave delivers just a little extra sea-treasure upon the beach, does every seventh raindrop bring the butterflies of springtime just a little nearer?

22 February 2011

Do It Now. Faites-le Maintenant.

Do what you love. Every day.

13 February 2011

Year Of The Rabbit...

May this year be filled with a quiet, gentle peace. Tashi Delek!

28 January 2011


What do you think of this John Muir quote?
In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.

Pretty cool, don't you think?

18 January 2011

So Many Stars

John said it best-- Yeah, we all shine on, like the moon, and the stars, and the sun.