28 February 2012

New Rugs!

We love Jellybean Rugs! And we're thrilled that their brand new line offers so many Challis & Roos designs! Fun Stuff. Check them out here

24 February 2012


Oh, by the way, forgot to mention that the image below is available on skins for all your various devices. What an auspicious way to start the new year! Check it out here

21 February 2012

Tashi Delek!

Today marks the first day of the Losar (in Tibetan, "lo"= year, "sar"= new) holiday, observed in Tibet, Bhutan, and throughout the Himalayas. Wishing everyone a happy and colorful celebration. 2012 (or 2139, according to the Tibetan calendar) is a Male Water Dragon year. Enjoy!

14 February 2012

Be Mine

Happy Valentine's Day! Check out our "Honeybee" skin here...

07 February 2012

Blooming Gardens!

Here's what they say about our new set of garden-themed checks:

"Surround yourself with the beauty of springtime flowers and butterflies with these "Challis & Roos Blooming Gardens" personal check designs from Bradford Exchange Checks®! Four Challis & Roos check designs capture the beauty of a garden with vibrant colors, lovely lady bugs and beautiful butterflies. Featuring muted background colors of green, orange, yellow and blue, these floral checks are sure to brighten each day!

Plus, you'll find these Challis & Roos personal check designs are just as practical as they are beautiful. Brought to you exclusively by Bradford Exchange Checks, they're expertly re-created with premium-quality check printing. Don't miss this terrific chance to let your love for springtime colors bloom - get your "Challis & Roos Blooming Gardens" checks as soon as possible! Order now!"

(available here)

01 February 2012

Maude Hearts

Newly available at Skinit-- several of our new heart designs. Just in time for Valentine's Day and beyond.