30 September 2012

On The Dock, There's A Highway

So, let me get this straight-- you're telling me there's this highway, right?  And it's on a dock?  ok.  Am I the only radio listener who spent decades thinking this was the opening line to Hotel California?  It never really made much sense, unless maybe they were singing about a pretty short highway, or perhaps a rather lengthy dock?  Anyway, we've been working up some artwork based on #1 pop hits of the 70s.  1977, to be exact.   Fun project, but it will be quite a while before the theme from Rocky leaves my head...

25 September 2012

Flight Time

Did you know that there are over 200 species of owls?  It's true!  Ranging from the tiniest (the Elf Owl) to the largest (the Eurasian Eagle Owl) owls can be found in a dizzying assortment of sizes, shapes and colors.  The brand new coordinating trio above seems to be in a class all their own.  With a combination of style, color, and playfulness not typically seen in nature, these quizzically confident little guys are ready for flight.

08 September 2012

Ahoy, Pirate Monkeys!

Our playful little Pirate Monkeys have set out on another adventure.  Rubber swords in hand (paw?) and ready to peacefully search the seven seas for another cache of hidden treasure.  For this crew, it's all about the thrill of the chase and the joy of embarking on another voyage with true friends.  

Check out the animated invitation at Smilebox here