27 June 2009


Some new things we did for Running Rhino. Several new designs, available as die-cut counter cards, boxed notes, and journals.

22 June 2009

The Pen Keeps Moving Until The Lights Begin To Dim

When you're sitting in an audience, waiting for an event to begin, it's always good to have a sketchbook at the ready.

16 June 2009


Early summer. Might be nice to take the hound for a little walk around SoBlee (south of Bleecker.) But at the moment, New York is thousands of miles away. Luckily it's also quite nice to be right here in Seattle. WaWeBlee -- WAY west of Bleecker.

09 June 2009

Rain Or Shine

This is a new design we did for Sunrise's 2009 Father's Day collection. The streaks of rain have a very subtle clear foil detailing. We love doing these "half and half" images (rain/sun-- day/night--summer/winter, etc.) especially when there's a strong central image to tie the two halves together.