28 May 2009

Dino Flannel

Just got samples of this new fabric we did for Fabric Traditions. It's flannel!

As we worked on this design, I was remembering a visit to the Henry Doorly zoo when I was about five years old. For some strange reason there was a dinosaur theme going on (at the zoo?? Hmm....) Anyway, they had one of those cool machines where you could make your own customized, injection-molded plastic toys. You slide in your money and then choose the shape you want. My brother chose the Triceratops, I chose the Stegosaurus. Then you choose your color. My brother chose grey, I chose that not-found-in-nature, not quite red, not quite fuchsia, cherry Icee color. Which is actually more of a raspberry color than a true cherry color. The injection process left a hole in the base, and so you were supposed to carry the toy upside-down for half an hour--until it dried completely. But of course a five-year-old who wants to play with his Stegosaurus right now and a 90 degree Omaha day was just the right combination to leave a trail of raspberry dots from the monkeys to the lions to the camels...